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Business Coaching: Success Fear and Faith

Success is based upon what your beliefs about yourself and your surroundings are. If you "believe" in the negative, you will express that. If you believe in the positive, that's what you'll get. So, the question is: what do YOU believe in?

Business Success with a Coach

A Coach will focus on the strengths that already exist within you and help you to reach your full potential. A potential that you didn’t know existed.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching: Building a Team

The building of a team can be complex, especially when different personalities are involved as well as agendas. It is how individuals interact to create a cohesive team to successfully reach defined goals.

Business Coaching: Setting Goals

Short term goals are stepping stones. They are necessary for the preparation of long term goals.

Business Coaching: The "I" Factor

There is much truth to the idiom that "There is no I in team".

Business Coaching: "Yes"

There are many ways to grow your business, but most business owners are cynical, opting to ignore new possibilities. Growth begins with an expansive, receptive attitude, an attitude of 'Yes.'

Business Essentials in the 21st Century

Marketing has changed over the years and reaching your audience isn't what it used to be. Do you really need to have a website and get on board with technology?

Goal Obsession Is a Contradictory Characteristic

When it seems like we might miss our mark, our goal obsession pushes us to use questionable methods to hit our target. Quite simply, the principled pursuit of a challenging goal set by another person, forces us to become cheaters.

Leading a Team

As a team leader, responsibilities cover management of people, the team's organization, efficiency of communication, processes, services, other business activities, results and must be in line with overall objectives of the business.

Strategic Plans Drive Small Business Success

Having a strategic or business plan is critical for a small business. Understanding where you are and where you are going helps an organization effectively align itself toward accomplishing its goals.

The First Step Carries You the Furthest

When the "want to" changes into intentional action we move from the life we live to the life we long to live.

Three Questions to Help You Grow Your Business

Every small business owner knows there is always more to do than there is time to do it. This article teaches you three simple questions you can use to help you decide what is most important for you to do and what you can and should delegate to others.

Business Advice for Business Coaching

Email: Outlook Tips

With emails piling up faster than ever and most people relying on it as the key means of communicating and getting real work done in their businesses, here are 7 simple tips that can help you be more productive and have less stress.

Business Coaching - Questions & Answers

Do you drink coffee every morning?

Top answer: Yes, every morning

Do you have a separate cell phone for work purposes only?

Top answer: No

Does your business have a dress code?

Top answer: Yes

Have you ever hired a family member to work for you?

Top answer: Yes

Have you ever permanently relocated for a job?

Top answer: No, I have not relocated for a job.

Have you ever written a formal business plan?

Top answer: Yes

How many employees do you have?

Top answer: 1-5 employees

How often do you travel out of town for business?

Top answer: Sometimes

Is it important to join a professional association?

What is the furthest you are willing to travel for a job?

Top answer: 25-50 miles

What is your favorite color?

Top answer: Blue

What is your opinion of the National Small Business Association?

Top answer: Favorable

What is your preferred way of communicating with clients?

Top answer: Face to face

Would you be willing to match your competitor's price if the difference was within 10 percent of your price?

Top answer: Always

Member Polls

Do you believe it is important to join the Better Business Bureau?

Top answer: Yes

Do you ever pass out business cards?

Top answer: Yes

Does your business accept credit card payments?

Top answer: Yes

How frequently do you attend business conferences and/or seminars?

Top answer: Several times a year

How important is word of mouth advertising to your business?

Top answer: Very important

How rewarding do you find your work?

Top answer: Very rewarding

On average, how often do you go out for lunch during the work week? (Monday-Friday)

Top answer: 1-2 days

Business Consulting Topics

Are You Credible?

One of the most important qualities you can possess is credibility. If you're not credible, you might as well toss in the towel. Your ability to get people to rally behind you in any way shape or form is a direct result of how credible you are.

Body Language in Business

The quality of your relationships depends upon your ability to communicate effectively. Your posture, gestures, physical movement and facial expressions may be telling an entirely different story than the one you are attempting to convey.

Four Tips to Building Improved Communication

Communicating effectively could be the difference between life and death. When messages are unclear, the expected outcome can be compromised, delayed or not happen at all.

Full Spectrum Approach

A look at community development through the eyes of an educational village integrating students with the community.

The Big 5 in Getting Started in Business

Getting started in business requires a method! There are systems in place, and levels to achieving goals. This article gives you the Big 5's!

The Challenge to Change

We all are bombarded with opportunity or challenge to change. By removing the liabilities, limitations and excuses, we automatically change. Notice the three letters difference in the two ... challenge and change.

Why Top Down Leadership Can Not Work In Today’s Culture

Understand the motivations between “Doing” vs. “Being” Leadership and how this fundamental change can propel a leader to sustained organizational success!

Do you believe online reviews are helpful for attracting new customers to your business?

Top answer: Yes

Do you offer incentives to your customers who refer new clients to you?

Top answer: Always

Do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote your business?

Top answer: Yes

In an ideal world, how many hours of sleep would you get each night?

Top answer: 6-8 hours

Other Business & Personal Coaching Topics

Merry Christmas! - You Are A Gift

On this December 25th 2013 whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday, I want you to realize what a miracle you are. There are over 6 billion people on this planet and of that 6 billion there is not a single person absolutely identical to you. Even a supposedly identical twin is not exactly like you.

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Business coaching and mentoring for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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